In collaboration with Indiewalls, I spearheaded and run a quarterly event called WIP IT, an interactive art critique for artists’ Works In Progress (WIPs). The goal is to get artists unbiased feedback to help them advance their careers — which is difficult to come by outside of academia. 

Each event showcases 4 local artists, who project their portfolios and give brief artist talks. When they’re finished, the audience (~50 people each event) writes anonymous feedback for the artists to take home. While VIP audience members include top-tier curators and designers, all feedback remains anonymous.

For each event, I develop an art theme, hand-select participating artists who work within diverse but complimentary explorations of each theme, assemble the panel of VIP reviewers, manage the venue and tech logistics, and craft specialized slideshows to project in the space. I've also independently designed all event logos, graphic design, and marketing material.