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How do you react in a crisis? By giving back.

When Covid-19 hit hard in Indiewalls' hometown, New York City, we wanted to do something special to support our medical teams and other essential workers. We launched a donations-based, non-profit response program, Give A Sign, where we commissioned artists suffering sudden loss of work to design billboard-sized artwork affirmations, which were printed and installed outside of NYC hospitals. For each banner installed, our team donated 300 smaller scale prints and thank you cards to hospital employees so they could bring the positivity home. 

I led a small group of curators, artists, installers, and fabricators throughout every creative touchpoint of the 3 month campaign, ensuring that the program was executed beautifully, costs were kept to a minimum, and that banners were installed as quickly and as safely as possible. This included initial ideation, partner outreach, creating pitch decks, artist recruitment, creative direction for each banner, web design, and copywriting. Overall, the initiative was a huge success: 

     • 9 billboard-sized custom art banners installed at local NYC hospitals
     • 2,700 art prints and thank you cards donated to essential workers
     • $5,000+ paid to artists who have suffered loss of work from the pandemic
     • 15,000+ essential workers and patients in immediate line of sight of banners
     • $18,000+ fundraised, including full sponsorships from 6 unique companies
     • 300,000+ social impressions, comments, and reactions to the campaign


Steffi Tsai
Valero Doval
Mike Perry
C. Finley
Adam Fu
Jason Naylor
Karan Singh
Queen Andrea
Jennifer Palomaa & Lauren Schleider