In 2016, Hilton announced its forthcoming brand, Tru, with more than 150 openings scheduled in the next 2 years. Tru is Hilton’s youngest-leaning line, more affordable and playful in design than its predecessors. Hilton knew that they wanted a custom, hyperlocal vinyl mural showcasing some of the local flavor in each property, but they had no idea how to make this possibles, scalable, and on brand.

I dove deeply into Tru's marketing materials to unpack the brand's vision and projected impact on the hotel industry. I then conceptually and artistically developed a partnership proposal for full rollout, selecting an intimate collection of brand-friendly artists for Hilton’s pre-approval, developing compositional and directional guidelines for each forthcoming artwork, and designing specialized decks to bring franchise owners on board with the vision. 

The proposal was met with overwhelming positivity and approval, landing Indiewalls a multi-year contract as the preferred mural generator for all Tru properties and securing 7 talented, emerging illustrators the unique opportunities to serve as world-class brand liaisons with a regular stream of incoming commissions. 

Above: past work by the 7 approved Tru artists
Below: a sampling of completed murals


JM Rizzi
Jay Crum
Alex Solis
Jay Roeder
Susana Paz
Dylan Balliett
Josh Lafayette