Educational Installation Design  •  Creative Direction & Production  •  Mural Design  •  Interactive Art

I was brought on board with my frequent creative partner Jennifer Palomaa  to design and produce one of the largest spaces inside the 2019-2020 Rosé Mansion, a popup museum where visitors learn about wine while sipping rosé and taking plenty of photos. Prompted with the theme of "acid" (as found in wine), we transformed the room into the ultimate 60's-inspired psychedelic acid trip. 

Our scope included design direction, rendering, painted murals wrapping 5 connected walls and seamlessly continuing onto the floors, digital wallcovering design, and the creation of interactive, sintra panels mounted onto the walls and ceiling. Wine taps and kegs were installed in the walls from a concealed plinth, with sintra panels teaching facts about wine production. Select sintra panels near the taps contained facts about wine production to enhance the learning experience.