Creative Direction  •  UX Wireframing & Prototyping  •  Branding  •  Graphic Design  •  Artist Recruitment 

Murals are hot right now for a number of reasons, at once elevating a property’s value, appeal, and 'instagrammability.' After receiving a high volume of custom mural requests, Indiewalls set out to simplify the mural market by creating a 1 stop shop to browse available artists, receive instant quotes, request custom mockup, and commission unique murals. 

Enter: Murallist, a go-to web platform allowing business owners, designers, VCs, and agencies to turn all their mural dreams into realities. As the chief artistic driver for Murallist, I spearheaded brainstorm sessions and visual development of the overall program and online platform to create the brand voice and aesthetic. After creating a detailed wireframe and mood board to direct web developers, I hand-selected and on-boarded all participating artists. Finally, I created key graphic design elements and social media direction, working with our marketing team to establish brand positioning and influence.