I am a creative director, curator, multidisciplinary artist, and amateur chef based in Brooklyn, NY.

I've dedicated my career to making art more accessible to the masses, focusing on high-impact public spaces and experiences as opportunities for engagement. 

As the Global Art & Graphics Director at WeWork, I lead a team of artists, designers, and 3D visualizers to create sophisticated  interiors and workplaces centered around local communities, blending traditional elements of hospitality, architecture, artwork curation, and bespoke design.

I moonlight as a freelance producer, experiential designer, muralist, and illustrator. When I'm not making things, I like to read books by Jon Krakauer, eat tacos, and pet my cat Bill.


Perhaps we should work together.

Feel free to get in touch regarding any mural or installation opportunities, an invitation to drink coffee together, or the honor of playing with your dog.

You'll be in good company.